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Viaje a Panamá
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Below you will find links to the AFS site, and that of CIDA. 

AFS Interculture Canada

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

My good friend Melanie set this site up for her son, Jacob, who was diagnosed with Hurler's Syndrome in December 2001.
Please take a moment to visit and learn more about Jacob and his condition.  And of course prayers are always welcome.

Jacob Irish

Here are a few more sites that I think do a great job of promoting current issues and helping us in our efforts to become more conscious global citizens.   I've also added a link for the organic farming program that I participated in this last summer as so many people expressed an interest in learning more about it.  Enjoy!

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

Global Issues That Affect Everyone!

Amnesty International (Canada)